Connecting People.

Symbols of good will

Compassion: A Deeper Impact

Inspired by the experiences of a retired missionary elder…

Is Active
Not passive

Gives meaning
It’s not Demeaning

Compassion is
The little voice inside our heads
That says there is something wrong
Why have you been sitting so long?
Is there something you can right?
Join the fight.

Compassion is not naive optimism,
But an awareness of the depth of a problem
Driven by a heart
For those at the bottom

Compassion has eyes to see
Beyond the divisive judgments of society
It sees the complexity of a predicament
Providing inspiration
For sustainable, impactful

Compassion contains passion
Which holds a greater meaning
In a divided nation
Compassion’s unifying

It transforms a task from obligation
To a meaningful mission
Giving us
A greater ambition

Compassion heals.
It calms
The self- negativity
Consuming our hearts
Because grace
Is where compassion starts
Fueling a fire with impactful spark

Compassion has many faces:

A child stopping their play
To help a fallen classmate
on a rainy day

A stranger
Pausing to help
Another in danger

Compassion can be a small act:

A little girl
Donating her last pennies
With a smile

Or a whole nation
Helping another in crisis
Because it’s worth the extra mile

Compassion is contagious
It calls us to create change
It challenges us to be bold

Compassion benefits all
The young and the old
The wealthy and the poor

Compassion matters
Compassion brings more
It strengthens us
It unites us

Compassion transforms us.

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