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Dressember part 1: Overlooked

Many basic human needs such as shoes, water, and books (education) are often taken for granted, while they are a luxury to those who are captives of human trafficking. This week’s vignettes explore the overlooked stories of these objects. I hope this is an encouragement to pause, ponder, and consider your perspective.

I am essential to life. I am valued by all.
My story : A child smiles as water is drawn out from a well, or dripping from a faucet. I am a gift, as well as a necessity. I can be found in tears of sorrow, or tears of joy. I make up the rivers and oceans that are the backbone of a civilization.

Books .
I am a book.
I fill the libraries. I bring joy to many, smiles to people’s faces. I entertain, but I can also educate. If you can read me, you hold the key to a thousand opportunities.
My story : Children laugh, and adults chuckle at the stories that I contain . The college graduate smiles as they think back to the first words they read, the words that set them free.

Sometimes, I am abundant, simply an accessory to one’s wardrobe. I can also be rare, a treasure that protects feet from the elements. One pair, or one hundred, I can be worth the same.
My story: I can be found in a closet, worn lightly as a decoration . Or, I can cover one’s feet for many years, worn to threads, but worth so much.

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