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Local Wisdom: Adventurous

Here’s a poem that I wrote to *Bob and Janet, who have been tremendous mentors over the past few years. Cheers to your adventurous and forever childlike spirits ! I am inspired by your curiosity and willingness to learn, even from younger people like me !

Pearls of Wisdom

As a teenager
I often take things for granted
Glossing over the simpler joys of life
As I rush from place to place

Funny thing is
They often say that while young people rush
The wise sages act as if they have all the time in the world

Bob and Janet*
You have taught me the value of slowing down
To examine the overlooked things in life
That I often race past

The small gems on the side of the road
Sprinted past by many
On the path of life

Our many Memories
Stay clear in my mind
Grilling our own food on the tabletop
Of my Los Angeles home
Savoring the dumplings at Din tai fung
The beaming smiles on your faces
As you patiently listen to my stories

The gratitude you expressed towards my origami cranes
Reminding me that they are a treasure
Not just a commodity of the every day

You have taught me
to enjoy every step of the journey
And not to get caught up on the destination alone

Despite your many years of age
You are always eager to learn something new
You have taught me that one is never too old to be curious
And to find joy in everything.

*the names of the interviewees have been changed to respect their privacy

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