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Local Wisdom: Dance

As an aspiring musician, I definitely have my days where I wonder if it’s all worth it: the scraggly notes that tangle themselves together as you stumble through a new piece, the long practice hours, the callouses, the nervousness before concerts–what does it all stand for?

Well, after speaking with *Laurie, a former dancer and musician, I learned that music is powerful because it can provide a playful escape from reality. She said that “ Music makes me feel like I’m 10 years old again. I used to be a dancer, and I can’t dance anymore, but music lets me go new places and feel like I can run and play like when I was younger. Music is like having another friend visit[ing]. It helps me get through the day”. I guess, when you think of it that way, those hours of practice don’t seem so bad after all.

*the name of interviewee has been changed to respect their privacy

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