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Beacons of mindfulness

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Our mission is to provide innovative and unique Messengers for our customers. Tangible encouragements, to gift, and to keep.

Why the Crane?

the meaning behind the messenger
Our company is driven by the human desire to connect with one another.  The common thread that runs through all our products is the thread of artful communication.  The crane embodies simple elegance.  Our products carry the spirit of the crane:  elegant ways to encapsulate your thoughtful messages for your loved ones and friends.

The crane is a symbol of peace, remind us all to set aside moments of serenity amidst the whirlwind of our lives.  Our products provide tangible ways for people to take a step back and remember the grounding words that inspire them.


a note from the founder

thank you for your continued support

I am currently transitioning to college life. Thus, individual products are made-to order and have a lead time of 1-4 weeks. Lead times for bulk orders vary. Visit the "connect" tab for more information.

from pre-made presents to custom creations, we have a product for you !


Our Latest product line !

Busy People

Encouragement on the Go


Thoughtful. Unique. Personalized.

Go Getters

Capture your Motivation.

Giving Back...

Cranes for a Cause
Find out what we are doing to help champion change.  Click to discover  Cranes for a Cause.

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At simply Cranes we strive to connect people, gathering them around heartfelt messages delivered in an innovative and impactful way.

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