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Simply Cranes focuses on bringing you tools to find solace in today's world.  As a business, we also embrace our social responsibility to give back.  We give 50% of our profits through our giving program, Cranes for a Cause.  Your purchase will benefit both you and those around you, whether they are in your neighborhood or halfway across the globe.


Connecting with the Elders



"I've come to realize that it's the smallest, simplest moments that I cherish most."

Jane, 68

The average staff to patient ratio in an American nursing home is  1: 20. As a young person, I often feel that my actions hardly have an impact. However, as I continued volunteering at a local assisted/nursing home, I realized the power of simply connecting and being present with older adults. 

That’s why Simply Cranes has taken on the project of sharing encouragement between both the Youth and seniors. Our vision is to provide 100 CraneNote care packages for assisted living residents across Southern California by the end of 2020. These packages will serve as a connection point between the youth and elderly, allowing students to write notes of encouragement to the elders, but also for the elderly to share their wisdom with the students, passing on their gems of knowledge.

Human Trafficking Awareness

Many basic human needs such as shoes, water, and books (education) are often taken for granted, while they are a luxury to those who are still, in 2019, captives of human trafficking. This week’s vignettes explore the overlooked stories of these objects. I hope this is an encouragement to pause, ponder, and consider your perspective.

I am essential to life. I am valued by all.
My story : A child smiles as water is drawn out from a well, or dripping from a faucet. I am a gift, as well as a necessity. I can be found in tears of sorrow, or tears of joy. I make up the rivers and oceans that are the backbone of a civilization.

Books .
I am a book.
I fill the libraries. I bring joy to many, smiles to people’s faces. I entertain, but I can also educate. If you can read me, you hold the key to a thousand opportunities.
My story : Children laugh, and adults chuckle at the stories that I contain . The college graduate smiles as they think back to the first words they read, the words that set them free.

Sometimes, I am abundant, simply an accessory to one’s wardrobe. I can also be rare, a treasure that protects feet from the elements. One pair, or one hundred, I can be worth the same.
My story: I can be found in a closet, worn lightly as a decoration . Or, I can cover one’s feet for many years, worn to threads, but worth so much.

This winter, by supporting Cranes for a Cause through your Simply Cranes Purchases, you can help raise funding to free those who are still in bondage.


It’s a new morning. Your alarm goes off at 6 am and you jump resolutely out of bed, ready to go to the gym and start your day off right. After a tiring workout, you are parched and gulp down an ice cold cup of water. Maybe you’re less of an exercise person and more of a reflective one. Your alarm goes off, and you begin a self care routine: taking a shower, washing your face, putting on makeup, etc. Point is, regardless of your routine, water was probably crucial to your success. Yet, about 1.6 million Americans don’t have access to clean water ! You can help change that. This season, Simply cranes’s charity trust, Cranes for a cause, is pledging to help fund safe water projects. Get involved by purchasing our products . We will donate 50 percent of our proceeds.

Update from April 2018: Thanks to the contribution of customers like you, Cranes For a Cause raised enough funding to provide 40 US families with clean water .

Your small actions have a powerful impact.
Cheers to brightening the world. One step at a time

At simply Cranes we strive to connect people, gathering them around heartfelt messages delivered in an innovative and impactful way.

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