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 As I was flipping through my journal, reminiscing on life’s happenings pre-pandemic, I landed on a page describing a trip I had made with Theresa*, a fellow musician, to celebrate one of her friend’s 82nd birthdays ! As we made our way through our duets and hymns (albeit, imperfectly), I watched as she smiled, savoring every moment of our mini “concert”.

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One sunny afternoon, I was relaxing outdoors in the garden with *Margaret. As we sat there, with the wind tossing our hair and birds’ quarreling filling the air, she repeatedly brought up the sun, and how basking in it felt so amazing. At first, I found this to be quite silly. Afterall, I would spend lots of time in the sun, walking between classes or during an afternoon sports practice. But Margaret’s joy over something so simple, yet precious, taught me the value of finding joy in the most mundane of moments. 

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