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gifting, encouraging, fund-raising, and more !  Treat yourself, or buy a bundle for the team.

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premium. memorable. uniquely impactful.

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ReKindle Line

limited time only!

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Capturing the Moment. Personalized.

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Curated cards with an elegant flair

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premium excellence (please inquire)

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small Footprint. Big Impact

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Buy in Bundles

We have assembled several product bundles for families, groups, and organizations.  Each tier has different price and add-on options.


Minimum 5 units

notes & reminders of how special they are to you.  affirmation on the go, perfect for staying connected through tangible encouragements.

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Minimum 10 Units | Complementary Add Ons

youth groups, clubs, teams, life groups, recovery groups, AA, class reunions.  commemorate special occasions (graduation, retirement, sports team banquets, award ceremonies) with a personal touch.  

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Order 20+ Units | Premium Add-Ons : Co Branding + Custom Message

Vision-casting becomes next level if you can rally the team with a positive culture.  Leaders let their people know they are appreciated.   

contact our customer service for specific packages.

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Welcome to our Gallery

SC Products in Action

Encouragement Group

Connect with your team, and conquer your goals ! Our products provide you with a way to share inspirational notes and reminders with your team. Start the New Year off strong !

My gym buddies and I love sharing weekly encouragements with each other ! It keeps me going during the stormy days, and it's really great looking back through the deck of affirmations and kind words from my team mates. 


Office Inspiration

Beacons are discreet but impactful. They can be attached to your computer monitor, filing cabinet, and fridge, or nestled into a plant for a mid-day pick me up

Looking at my Beacon gives me a great mid day boost even after my coffee has worn off. I purchase 5 at a time so I can rotate them throughout the week based on what I need.

Anonymous customer, San Francisco

Gift Giving

From Birthdays to Graduations and Christmas, our CraneNotes are an innovative and elegant alternative to standard cards. You can share your occasion-specific sentiments AND write additional words of encouragement on the other CraneCards, for a memorable gift that will last.

My Dad really appreciates his CraneNotes  ! They are memorable, and compact enough to perch on his desk and nightstand. I really like that you can write additional messages for your loved ones that aren't related to the specific event. That way, we can keep in touch throughout the year  from a long distance.

a Grateful Daughter


From Employee of the month to MVP, CraneNotes enable you to collect kind words from the award receiver’s team members. Create a unique and long lasting award that won’t be shoved into a closet after a few days.

It was super cool seeing all the uplifting messages from my co workers on the CraneNotes. I was touched by the fact that the whole office got involved in thanking me as the Employee of the month, and everyone in my department also got a  CraneNotes kit to celebrate the end of 2019, and now we write each other messages once a week. 



For a Cause

The Soul of Simply Cranes. Our Giving Program. (Link)

Every company has a dream.  Ours is to empower ordinary folks to make an impact.  With each purchase, our product empowers you to spread goodwill.  Furthermore, a significant portion of the profit (up to 50%) is given to our Focus Areas.  Learn more about Simply Cranes' giving program, the Cranes for a Cause (link here).

Crane Notes

gold-foiled premium card... a pedestal for your words

each bundle contains 4 Crane Notes and 2 metal stands

  • Front + Back
    $4 per bundle


Add some creative flair

An assortment of add-ons can further personalize your special package.  

  • premium shell (south America)
  • rose ribbons (imported)
  • bow ties (imported)

At simply Cranes we strive to connect people, gathering them around heartfelt messages delivered in an innovative and impactful way.

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