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The Beginning

Simply Uplift started as a blogging project in 2018, capturing the wisdom of seniors through condensed interviews and poems. Soon, we realized that there was something missing in the traditionally generic one-way letters and other existing senior services, so we wanted to bring the 2 generations together around something creatively personalized. Thus, we began incorporating videos and crafting kits (pre covid).

About us
What drives us


Simply Uplift values a 2 way road that benefits both groups ! Students learn from the senior’s life experience while also getting a chance to develop their creative skills. Both groups can be of service to each other, as the seniors advise the students while the student’s responses encourage the seniors. The videos are a great conversation starter that helps to alleviate some of the initial awkward silence that comes from talking to someone with 4 times the age difference !

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At simply Cranes we strive to connect people, gathering them around heartfelt messages delivered in an innovative and impactful way.

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