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Simply Uplift for Education

  • initial videos

    Senior Adults create the initial video based on questions/topics from the students. You can also choose from our existing library of videos.

  • student responses

    students reflect either individually or as a group discussion

  • 2 Way

    Responses are relayed back to the seniors to spark a conversation ! Students can create a video highlighting their responses or set up a group discussion. 

How it Works

About us
  • Firsthand point of view on historical events

  • active listening 

  • group facilitation

  • video production skills

  • hard work & character

What do Students Learn?

About us

some sample discussion questions....

Conversation Starters

-What did you learn from reading/watching this section? 

-Do these quotes and videos  remind you of any events from your personal life?

-Is there anything in your life that you’re going to do differently after reading/watching this section?

What Students have to Say

a few key quote reflections


“Being truly happy, that is, being content with yourself and your situation, is such an important lesson to remember. I absolutely loved the gentle tips and habits on how to experience happiness, and it made me ecstatic to know that I’ve already been practicing some of them!” 


"Problems and troubles are a good thing if you can learn to overcome it." I honestly have so much gratitude for this because of no matter what times your going threw. You always have something there. That being happy is most important. Yes, it does connect to my personal life. I'm going to think more positive and ready for anything.”


“Great insights! Too many people think we have to do things perfectly the first time, especially when social media shows us only the most curated illusion of perfection, so this is a great reminder for all of us!”

want to see more ?

explore more quotes on the wisdom wall ! 

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