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Christmas comes every year
And the rush starts the Friday after thanksgiving
Instead of focusing on what we lack
What if we noticed the little things right in front of us
That make this life worth living

Things that money cannot buy
Like laughter, precious memories, music, and cheers.
Even tears and pain have worth.
They make us stronger and bring us closer together.

This year, have yourself a extraordinary christmas.
It doesn’t have to be merry.
It doesn’t have to be perfect.
It should just be present.
And real.

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You have the freedom to create your definition of christmas
A memories not material centered christmas
A solace not stress filled christmas
A childlike not skeptical christmas
A wholehearted, not obligated christmas
A grateful, not begrudged christmas
A present not preoccupied christmas.

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Capturing a few moments from baking with a grandmother…

The holidays
Are a time that
makes our giving side shine

A time when we should be making memories
And flying free from the webs of materialism

It’s the compassion and thoughtful actions
that make christmas beautiful
The macaroni necklaces, happy faces, and handmade ornaments
Worth as much as a diamond jewel

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Inspired by the experiences of a retired missionary elder…

Is Active
Not passive

Gives meaning
It’s not Demeaning

Compassion is
The little voice inside our heads
That says there is something wrong
Why have you been sitting so long?
Is there something you can right?
Join the fight.

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 Welcome to the local wisdom project ! Here, we’ll be spotlighting seniors’ advice, stories, and memories in micro-blogs, offering practical advice, refreshing knowledge, and sometimes, simply providing a good laugh ! 

Welcome to the community, we’re glad you’re here.


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Life can be a lot like a hamster wheel sometimes. You wake up, go to work/school, come home, work more, sleep and get up again. As you are stuck in the humdrum hurriedness of today, you often feel like you are breathing stagnant air. You do the same thing every day, without thinking. You feel as if you’ve gone on autopilot. Stagnant air.

But then the storms come.

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