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Stagnant Air

Life can be a lot like a hamster wheel sometimes. You wake up, go to work/school, come home, work more, sleep and get up again. As you are stuck in the humdrum hurriedness of today, you often feel like you are breathing stagnant air. You do the same thing every day, without thinking. You feel as if you’ve gone on autopilot. Stagnant air.

But then the storms come.

As you struggle to stay afloat, you find that the small treasures you used to overlook are standing out. Despite the rain and chaos the air is clearer. Change isn’t necessarily bad. It can give you a new perspective. A refreshing one. And when you finally reach the rainbow at the top of the mountain, you’re breathing again. Slow, rhythmic breaths, as you rediscover the neglected beauty in your life and begin breathing fresh air. A small flower, birds chirping, a funny cat picture, and smile. Fresh air. Life renewed. Life reinspired.

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