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Local Wisdom: Notes of Joy

 As I was flipping through my journal, reminiscing on life’s happenings pre-pandemic, I landed on a page describing a trip I had made with Theresa*, a fellow musician, to celebrate one of her friend’s 82nd birthdays ! As we made our way through our duets and hymns (albeit, imperfectly), I watched as she smiled, savoring every moment of our mini “concert”.

After we hit the last note and packed up our instruments, she told us about how playing the piano (and crocheting !)  has helped her to stay content as she ages. It gave her something to look forward to, a creative outlet that brought her joy. I think in our generation’s  hurriedness, we tend to underestimate the power of taking part in hobbies simply for the pleasure of the process. Each note, every thread, woven into a masterpiece day by day. Progress not measured by trophies or awards, but by the happiness brought to ourselves, and those around us. 

*the name of interviewee has been changed to respect their privacy

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