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Dressember part 2 : Intangibles

Sometimes, we get worn out from the constant hustle and bustle, struggling to balance giving back and not giving up. From the overwhelmed activist to the busy mother, I encourage all of you to take a moment to pause and savor the intangible.

“ Have a Nice day.” or “ I believe in you.”
I am a simple, but powerful statement. I can be part of background, shallow words tossed lightly into the wind. Or it can mean much, much more. I can give a student hope, give them value.

My story: A child is walking , alone. Their head is down, their eyes lonely , and sad. But then a fellow student walks past, and looking the lonely child in the eyes, says,”Have a nice day.” The student nods, and smiles back, and this statement has spoken beyond its own words. Or, picture this. There is a frustrated student, trying relentlessly to learn a lesson. A teacher who kneels down beside the pupil and whispers, “ I believe in you…you can learn this lesson,” inspires that child and kindles a little spark of light that drives them to new heights.

I am a gift that can be enjoyed by many. I can bring people together ( in a concert ). I can bring joy to those who can no longer speak .

My story: Perhaps, you can find me echoing through a room full of musicians, who are united simply to create harmony. A person who can no longer comprehend words smiles brightly as their loved ones sing them a simple song.

Thank You
Two words that are spoken with kindness. I give hope to the people who are losing it, a smile to the faces of everyday heroes. I can convey appreciation to those who deserve much more. If spoken from the heart, I hold more weight than an extravagant gift.

My story: The student who spends just a few extra seconds to thank a teacher. The words speak so much.

A common gesture. Sometimes, I speak more than words . I give others hope when words are scarce. I am the same in all parts of the world.

My story: A stranger smiles to a passing person as they walk across the street. It lifts their spirit and brightens their day.

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